“What a mess, a mess I say! This whole place is in shambles.”

What a mess, a mess I say! This whole place is in shambles. The entire system I had put in place, painstakingly as you know, ist Kaputt. Who would’ve known the flow of reports, music, intel, mailboxes, etc. would increase dramatically? Not me, no, not the so-called “master of organization and efficiency;” he’s failed. Well, like I normally tend to do I get ahead of myself. Everything still runs, thus Mouser stands and culture continues to flow. But really, I should’ve prepared for some kind of shift in the work balance… I mean who doesn’t do that? Guess I got so high and mighty off of what I’ve been putting along at I didn’t even think to have to foresight to have foresight.

Acid Arab

Nevertheless, my bootstraps have been picked up and the train’s got steam, puffing into our nonexistent sky as we move along towards our next slice of culture. This week, in the midst of all the chaos that’s ensued here (apologies to anyone caught in the mess), we have a piece to get the Mouser cogs back in place- and one that did more than a bit of calming on my part (without which I probably would’ve drowned!).

“Buzq Blues” by Acid Arab was this week’s savior. As if entering a bazaar in the future, the blend of electronic flourishes and traditional melodies melodies surround you as you gaze across the aisle of the market, eyeing the smorgasbord of stalls and their various wonders and rarities. Feeling a tap in your foot as you peruse, you begin to dance your way down the aisles, lights and vendors flashing before your eyes as you fly past alleyways. This, Warren, is how our previously (and briefly, I might add) derailed train was turned back up onto its track and towards its destination. If it weren’t for some of the fantastically vital pieces of music sent to me, I might just drown under all this glorious pressure. But fret not, adjustments have been made and culture will flow into the Warren on a regular basis. I hope!