“Here is your princess, here is the horizon.”

Okay, so I know I’ve got a little explaining to do. I know I said I was going to report back in a week and that was… about six weeks ago? I know, I’m sorry!

It’s not like me to not hold true to my word, really it isn’t. I suppose I probably got you all worked up talking about how quiet it was in the Cooperative. Looking back at it now I suppose it does sound pretty ominous, I absolutely didn’t mean to get anyone worried. Though, in retrospect, it was something that ought to have caused a little worry.


I’ll explain, but first I just have to share something I found in the meantime. I got myself into a bit of video hole the other day and ended up landing on one by Aldous Harding. I know you’re familiar, Honeybear, but I have to admit I’ve never actually listened to her until I came across this. And, it’s…really amazing.

The way she moves is really powerful, in a way that makes me feel sort of uncomfortable, but “powerful” is definitely the right word. The whole song is just three chords stuck slowly and repeatedly for almost five minutes, and I don’t mean to say it is monotonous in any kind of way, I bring it up because it is so, so captivating. It’s all in Aldous Harding’s performance; every word and every movement is just so full of meaning and power. I must have watched it a dozen times in a row.

Oh, geez, I am running out of space in this report! I’m so sorry, I guess I’ll have to finish what I was saying next week. I will finish next week I promise! It’s just that, Aldous Harding…you know? Just so great.