“My ears tell me this song is a polyphonic, ever fluctuating, beast built of notes—but my head tells me, ‘This is quite soothing.'”

I should explain.

It’s been a long while since the station has fallen silent, and I won’t sugarcoat things for you as to why, necessity demands us to endure such bitter tastes. We are in a time of struggle.
I wish I could better explain but I am still gathering my own thoughts on what I have experienced in the Deepest Deep Down. An unfamiliar term, I know—I was not aware of its existence myself, until shown the way by the Pink Man. It is a bit of a misnomer, if my intuition serves me right; I believe it to be untethered from concepts like “down”. Again, this is neither the time nor place so I must apologize for not explaining in more detail. That explanation will come.

Alexander Noice

It’s more important that I—uh—I’m sorry I lost my train of thought.

Ah! It’s more important that I get the station back up and running, a quick, broad means of communication may well become very important. I’ve prepared a piece of music for you, a track titled “Masatoshi Sato” by an old favorite of the station: Alexander Noice. This submission came to me what must have been, in Surface time, months ago. Coming back into my office I found a stack of reports stacked roughly seven feet high—that is, until I bumped it. Now it is closer to eight inches high, just more spread around. When the papers had settled I found the report containing “Masatoshi Sato” had come to rest squarely on the center of my desk.

After spending so long in the Deepest Deep Down, I feel a bit rusty in dissecting a song, or perhaps it’s just that my own personal perspective has—changed. My ears tell me this song is a polyphonic, ever fluctuating, beast built of notes—but my head tells me, “This is quite soothing”. So, perhaps the context of my own perception of the world is in a state of flux, but of one thing I can be absolutely certain; “Masatoshi Sato” is beautiful.

As I have asked Thaddeus to join me in my work outside the station—I’m sure you have wondered at his departure as well—I will be appointing an interim Station Director by the name of Mouser Desmonde. I’m sure he will serve the Warren well in dispersing all pertinent information sent to us from our good Mousers on the Surface.