We would apologize. We would get to our knees, turn ourselves into the authorities and grovel, knowing the true extent of the harm that has been visited upon so many bright, young men and women. However, we feel very strongly that we have nothing to apologize for. Maxine Blue, John Commons Jr. and Rogue Mouser Dingo have all committed unforgivable acts of violence upon their brothers and sisters, and many of these acts of violence were done in the name of the liberation of the 915th reset. We do not condone these actions. The Association for the Liberation of the 915th Reset is an organization that works under the presumption that its actions would only be unlawful under a violent or unjust society. A society whose laws condemn freedom of ambition and the pursuit of personal goals is unjust but a society that whose laws condemn violence is a just and functioning society. It is our hope to stand in solidarity with those who have been harmed. Rogue Mouser Dingo and John Commons Jr. were radicals and extremists, but they were also products of a society mired in oppression and forced mediocrity.

We not only know and understand your pain, we have experienced it, we are siblings in sorrow and we want, as badly and as desperately as those who accuse us, to see the violence end. We will see an end to those tragedies and, what’s more, we will witness the end together. You and I.


Grayman L. Chau