“But, it was no mere apparition. I—I don’t know what it was, but it was not an apparition. It was pure blackness, darker than the darkness I had summoned around it.”


MID: 000211926
PIN: 49236
S-Age: 26y/2m
Current Location: Los Angeles

Dear Maeda,
Forgive me please for the long gap between handling the apparition I tracked down to the late Ed Wood’s former office and this report. I know it is Mouser policy to submit a psychological report following any difficult encounter, but I’m sure you understand just how crazy my schedule has been lately—between art openings and attending the filming of music sessions and reading the scripts of friends—it has just been an absolute mess!

So, without further delay, let me break down the pertinent dealings at hand. I had heard rumors of a haunting at the aforementioned office of Ed Wood. The information came to me as idle chitchat at a little get together in the Arts District. I simply laughed along with the story, but later that night began my stake out. As surely as the Los Angeles sky glows orange at night, I spotted a formless figure, or rather a figureless form, peek out from the window at just past 3:30am.

I thought it surely was a mere yõkai or some apparition of the like and, night after night of careful observance from afar, I prepared a pocket full of charms and snuck around the rear entrance to the building. I had enchanted a roller-skate key that granted me easy access. These tumbler style locks Surfacers use, it doesn’t even take magic to open them as simple as they are!

I slowly crept up the stairs towards the second floor office, and I would be remiss if I did not admit that I was a bit distracted by the movie posters hung on the wall: Bride of the Monster, Glen of Glenda, Plan 9 From Outer Space! I quickly recovered, realizing the seriousness of the task at hand, of course.

I reached the door and saw a faint glow from beneath it—not a typical characteristic of a yōkai. As the thought ignited in my head I heard a small creek emanate from under my foot. An unfortunate loose floorboard! I held my breath and focused my mind onto listening for movement inside the room—none, thankfully.

I settled my nerves as I ran my fingers over the talismans in my pocket and threw the door open while tossing a walnut imbued with a darkness charm, figuring it would counteract the glow and throw the apparition off balance.

But, it was no mere apparition. I—I don’t know what it was, but it was not an apparition. It was pure blackness, darker than the darkness I had summoned around it. And it had no form, it just sort of…hung there in the room, like a cloud. It laughed and slowly began moving toward me and I…it…I was so scared, I was broke out in a sweat and my ears were ringing.

I don’t know how I had the presence of mind to think of it, all I remember is the ringing in my ears. I reached into my pocket and squeezed a glassy marble, I had enchanted it with a liquefy charm, thinking I might use it to remove an obstacle—and I became a puddle, then flowed down the stairs and out the front door.

I must have stayed a puddle for two days, I almost forgot who I was.

I’m sorry I didn’t send this report in when I should have. I suppose I should be expecting a visit from you soon?