“Give back to the downtrodden youth.”

The following is an AL15R communication intercepted by the Mouser Organization. This information is sensitive and should not be shared with the general public.

Appearances are deceptive. The individual body is an illusion, we are all connected. The grueling length of a Reset only truly lasts long enough for the unprepared to take tea. Reality is a lie and life bends to your whim. Things seem grim, but I assure you, as both your leader and as your brother, our recent loss is the greatest indicator that we’ve yet had that we are destined to achieve our victory.

These next few months are our most instrumental and we have decided to officially raise the bounty for Volunteers to Σ25,500. We are also announcing that we will be paying out the difference (Σ9,500) for early Volunteers.

The need for volunteers is greater than ever to strengthen the conviction of our men and women on the ground. They, more than anyone, more than myself, require hope and require a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. By Volunteering, you give them greater conviction than any donation or any care package could ever give them.

Give back to the downtrodden youth.

Liberate the 915th Reset.
Grayman Chau