Hag Face


This year Calgary’s Sled Island Festival was crippled by sudden and devastating flooding. It’s in circumstances like this that people show who they really are and my adoptive home of Calgary stepped up to the fucking plate. Not only have they come together in a truly incredible show of community during the clean up but even while the water was still rising they staged their DIY answer to nature hamstringing one of the cities most anticipated festival of the year, Flood Island. And it was during Flood Island that the foursome of blonde-headed garage-surf-punk girls played some of their first shows.

“[We’ve] been on an express train of writing every song real fast and being in love with being girls…”

It wasn’t long before those first performances that they recorded their self-titled debut album with Raleigh‘s Brock Geiger in all of about five hours. They’ve since played a string of shows that took them to the western-most edge of Canada with “a whole butt load of shows coming up”. So keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates if you’re in Western Canada or the Pacific Northwest. You might be lucky enough to get one of their 30 cassette tapes if they’re still available, but even if not there’s always Bandcamp.