“….there are so many good moments on this album, many that I totally get on a weirdly deep level and totally fuckin’ love.”

So the thing with Chau is weird, right? That guy has always rubbed me the wrong way…even if he does “fight for the liberation” of the younger generation I’m part of. Yeah. Shit is tough, but what’s bitching about it going to do? I just…I don’t trust him at all. I don’t know why we can’t override the Org on this one and question that fucker, Honeybear. Just to get it all straight.


Anyways, Mouser Arbus sent me a CD this week. Guess he’s been shaking a lot of hands up there in L.A. (more than I ever did when I was stationed there). I’m happy he thought to send me something though. I ran out of viable options in the stack of records I took from Donovan’s–so, perfect timing!

It’s an album that hit me like a ton of bricks when I listened through it. MKID by Mateo Katsu is like…really personal. Or it seems like it. Maybe he’s making this shit up. But it’s pretty relatable and all that. Katsu says stuff in these tracks that people don’t usually admit. Or say out loud at all. Dude is honest. Or sounds honest.

Wait. I know what this feeling reminds me of. When you’re looking through your friend’s room for something. And there it is. Some secret diary stuffed with really sad and visceral shit. No one is supposed to read it, but there you are. Reading it. Flipping through it. Like an asshole. “I Remember Now.” “Cancerous.” I’m an asshole.

Then I land on tracks that feel “happier”…or at least pop-y-er (in a good way). “Up Up and Away.” “Nag Hammadi 1276.” Pushing and pulling the too-much with the not-enough. Then you end up in the just-right. But, honestly, there are so many good moments on this album, many that I totally get on a weirdly deep level and totally fuckin’ love. Come to think of it…Arbus must have sent this to me because of my report to you on Mateo Katsu’s other band, Santa Youth. Duh, Flint, DUH. He’s got other other other bands, too. Maybe I’ll find them and report to you on them soon.


Remember Honeybear, if you need help figuring out Chau’s deal, I’ll be there.