“I sail through the infinite black void. Inescapable and never-telling.”

Mouser Slade and I are members of the only marginalized group in the Great Below. It is no great coincidence that Slade is seemingly always on the run between realms and I, invaluable resource to the Mouser Organization or no, am given the most removed dwelling in the Warren to conduct my business and live out my life. Our plight goes unrecognized—the denizens of our beautiful, subterranean world do not actively abuse us, but they, without word, action, or thought, automatically, and instinctively, discount our accomplishments, fears, failures, charity, and overall existence. So do not furrow your brow when Mouser Slade tells you that the Warren isn’t his home. It is not my home either. We have no home, for we hardly spend much of our time in the temporal world anyway.


But today, I shall put the negative side of life away, and do what I do best: analyze what my assistant has brought to me from the Surface. Never before had I heard of anything in the music world called, “cosmic atmospheric black metal.” Mesarthim seems to be floating out in a world all to themselves. But do not be fooled by the track I am submitting to the Mouser Hour today, the band is solidly, unapologetically, metal in nature. I have simply sent your way an interlude of sorts. “….-” off of the Australian band’s new album .- -… … . -. -.-. . invokes images of heavenly bodies (never seen by most in the Great Below for obvious reasons). I sail through the infinite black void. Inescapable and never-telling. But a void it is not! There are wondrous, impossible things seemingly acting on their own, travelling the forever.

Quite interesting to me is the name Mesarthim. It is the name of a star system, no? I find it amazing how human beings can connect with such immense celestial bodies. But, we are one. This is always to be remembered. I hope this lovely track serves the Warren well. Farewell for now.