MID: 001467659
PIN: 734965
PCM: C77D21
S-Age: 32y/4m
Current Location: The Warren

It’s been a while. The Organization put me on leave after the events at the oubliette. I needed it. What with everything that happened. Doctor Maeda has been probing me for a report though, as part of the debrief. Never mind I already told them everything I knew, that Honeybear backed me up. She says creating a narrative is important to our sense of self, that it grounds the ongoing mythology that is a person’s mind. I asked her what profit there was in retreading unpleasant memories, and she said something that stuck with me.

“If you don’t take your story by the horns and wrangle it into something you can live with, it’s going to run wild all over the rest of your psyche.”

I didn’t think much of the hokey metaphor, but the notion of recurring torture nightmares for the rest of my life appealed even less, so here we are.

I suppose I should pick up where I left off. We were in the warped oubliette, that bizarre distortion of space– bigger on the inside. The two AL15R paladins that had survived the misfiring Philip’s Palisade were my prisoners. I was looking for Honeybear so we could regroup and capture the genie I’d seen in the fracas. I was out of supplies, hungry, tired, thirsty. So were my captives. But I got sloppy. When I finally found Honeybear in that dark little chamber, the paladins were quicker on the draw than I was, and I went down hard to a fist in the nose. Didn’t even have time to activate the Chains of Asher I’d held in my pocket. Stupid of me.

Luckily Honeybear was prepared. As they ran for him, a ring spilled onto the ground, and rather than go for him they grabbed the ring. Dupes.

“Yes!” one cried. “I have the ring! Mr. Jim– you are under the control of the AL15R!”

“Restrain Honeybear! Now!” said the other. I hauled myself to my feet, expecting the worst, but Mr. Jim just stared them down. It could have been my eyes watering, but he almost looked amused. The goons flailed and squabbled, but only for a moment. I strode up, wiping the blood from my face and holding out the Chains. Honeybear pulled out the real ring, the object they had come all this way for, and they capitulated.

It turned out that just the threat of the ring was enough to make Mr. Jim compliant. I would never have imagined such a powerful genie so cowed. Of course, he’s in custody now, with Flint and Syrael. The two AL15R paladins have been imprisoned too. I don’t know what the Organization are doing with them, and frankly I don’t want to know. Well, that’s a lie. I want to know that we’re not torturing them. I’m a little scared to ask. I’m scared to do a lot of things right now. I guess writing this helped a little. But I also guess we’re not much closer to getting Chau. Someone ought to take that bull by the horns, too.