Highly Destructive Terrorist Activity
CONCISION: This morning, The Warren was invaded by Rogue Mouser Dingo and several explosions were detonated.
DAMAGES: (Currently) 2 confirmed dead, 12 estimated dead, 15 injured, Σ17,460 in public property damage, Σ6,000 (est) in private property damages.
IMMEDIATE ACTION: Tend to the injured, set up a perimeter of 15 km with two officers at every known checkpoint until further notice. Get rubble cleared. Send investigative team to the Warren’s ground level and at every blast point.
KNOWN STATUS OF CULPRIT: Missing; possibly dead.

At the crux of the Virgo Oscillation this morning, a citizen had pinned himself up against a southern-facing wall and removed his jacket to reveal his identity to be Rogue Mouser Dingo. Concealed in his jacket were what appeared to be several packs of C4, a detonator device and a hostage, now identified to be Mouser Bowen. Bowen’s wrists were cuffed and her mouth was concealed by duct tape.
Using an Amplification Pearl, Dingo began speaking to the crowds inside of the warren (Full transcript below), yelling out a list of demands and threats to detonate explosives that were hidden within the walls of the Warren. When officers arrived on the scene, Dingo stated his intention to kill Bowen and set off the explosives upon further provocation. He was also visibly using Mouser Bowen as a human shield.
The standoff lasted for two hours and seventeen minutes until an unidentified Mouser arrived on the scene and began ringing a Bell of Hyasidius, causing Dingo to become disoriented. He then let go of Mouser Bowen and reflexively set off the explosives.
Multiple officers were injured by the blasts, as they were hidden in various implements inside the walls and there was no way of immediately ascertaining their locations. There were no eyewitnesses as to Rogue Mouser Dingo’s actions after the explosions. His coat was found in the rubble, revealing the C4 packs to be bricks of clay. Mouser Bowen has also not yet been found.
Inside the blast areas, tunnels were found dug into the backsides of the walls, which not only allowed for Dingo to have easily installed them into the walls, but created several exit points through which Dingo may have escaped.

(6:90:46) “Listen up, scumbags! This place is set to blow!”
(NOTE: Due to noise and commotion, it seems as though this declaration was largely ignored, at which point, Dingo pulled out a surface gun and fired it up into the ceiling.)
(6:90:72) “I said listen up!”
(6:90:89) “This is C4! This is a hostage! There are explosives in the walls around you! I need everyone to be quiet or things will get very very loud! Everyone kneel down!”
(6:91:04) “I’m sure I’ll have to say this again once the man shows up, but I’ve got demands and I want everyone to hear them! I want Honeybear! I want him right here, front and center! If you’re here, you sack of shit, you could save everyone here a lot of trouble!”
(NOTE: A brief silence)
(6:91:36) “Alright then. That’s a shame. This is an unofficial act by the Alliance for the Liberation of the Nine-Fifteenth Reset! I want all active-duty Mousers on the surface to-
(NOTE: Here, Dingo drops his Amplification Pearl, and immediately picks it back up. His words are inaudible until he once again picks up the pearl.)
(6:91:70) “Fuck. Wait. There we go. I want all- wait. Yeah. I want all active-duty Mousers on the surface ordered to cease their search for Djinn Classification Number #24, also known as Mr. Jim! I want Honeybear brought to me! I would be willing to trade him for my current hostage! If there are no officers able to comply with my demands, we’re all going to sit here and wait quietly until one shows up.”
(NOTE: Dingo goes quiet here. Save for the following altercation with one of the indirect hostages, Dingo is silent until forces show up.)
(6:93:91) “Hey you! Get down!”
(NOTE: The citizen is completely inaudible.)
(6:93:99) “What?”
(6:94:03) “You- wait? What?”
(6:94:08) “Then piss yourself. I’m sure everyone else here has.”
(6:94:12) “Then piss yourself or don’t! Fuck!”
(6:94:20) “Are you seriously asking- you know what? Fuck it. Piss yourself right now or I’m blowing your head off. Fucking do it! Do it! Do it so you’ll shut the fuck up already!”
(6:94:36) “That wasn’t so hard, was it? God!”
(6:98:60) “Don’t move! You move an inch and I swear to God, you and everyone else in here is fucking dead! Alright! Now that everyone’s here, my demands! Again! This is an unofficial act by the Alliance for the Liberation of the Nine-Fifteenth Reset! I want all active-duty Mousers on the surface ordered to cease their search for Djinn Classification Number #24, also known as Mr. Jim! I want Honeybear brought down here. I would be willing to trade a hostage for him. If Honeybear isn’t down here within 3 hours, I’m blowing the roof down on this place!”
(7:34:12) “No! I’m not willing to talk until I get news about the Mousers or about Honeybear’s arrival!”
(7:89:71) “Would you stop squirming? Goddammit you’re annoying.”
(7:90:11) “You’re not annoying. I love your posts. This is just a stressful situation.”
(8:13:59) “How’s it coming along then?”
(8:13:72) “No. No, I don’t want to hear this! This is non-negotiable!”
(8:14:01) “Fine. Another hour for Honeybear. He better be out of breath by the time he gets here, because this isn’t a game. And I need updates on the Mousers.”
(8:16:12) “What?”
(8:16:18) “No! That’s not do-able! I’ve still got a gun and a room- yeah, an entire Warren’s worth of fucking hostages! One of them dies if you tell me that kind of shit again!”
(8:16:29) “Gun!”
(8:16:35) “I’ll use the gun, that’s what it’s fucking there for!”
(8:16:47) “Good! Get on it! That’s better!”
(8:39:08) “What’s the status?”
(NOTE: Dingo then fires his gun)
(8:39:19) “That wasn’t my fault! That was your fucking fault!
(NOTE: Another gunshot)
(8:39:34) “That was one was on me. I’m not fucking around! A hundred hostages and not only do I get to do whatever I want! If you tell me one more fucking time that you can’t get Honeybear here or any of that shit you’re flinging at me about ‘re-negotiation’ with the Mousers, then three more die! Then four! I’ll kill the fucking Mouser! I swear to God! The crazy train doesn’t stop for anyone, you pieces of shit!”
(8:39:79) “See? That! That’s what I want to hear! That’s what I wanted to hear from the start! Aaah! Fuck! What th-“
(NOTE: After himself and the entire crowd being struck by the Bell of Hyasidius, Dingo stumbles, throwing Bowen to the side to retain his balance and sets off the explosives.)