It’s really quiet in the Collective right now—the Collective Housing Units at the Academy—really quiet, and I don’t know why. I guess there doesn’t have to be a reason why; maybe people are just taking it easy today. Whatever reason it is, or whatever arbitrary coincidence it is, I found a track that I think suits the mood really well. It’s called “Nordvorn” by My Days With Sound.

My Days With Sound - Nordvorn

I should say, before I get started, I don’t really know who My Days With Sound is. I mean, that’s not the name of the person making it, it’s the name of the project. Whoever is making it is, well, kind of a mystery, I guess. Well, I don’t really mean, “I guess”, it’s actually a mystery. I have no idea who this person is. I went through all the proper steps of research that we’re taught to do here, but there just isn’t any thread leading away from the project.

It’s a really wonderful idea for a project though! It seems to be a project that exists for the sake of loving to make music. And I don’t mean to say that other music doesn’t exist for the sake of loving music. It all does at some point, to some degree…well not all of it. Most of it though. Most all of it.

Anyway, he/she/they are calling it a “sonic journal”. It seems to be just a week old, but there are already 8 songs up, all really beautiful ones. “Nordvorn” in particular—I mean, that’s just my opinion, you might like another one better, but I suppose it is my job here to give my opinion. You should give them all a listen—make up your own mind about it.

I can say, though, that “Nordvorn” is the perfect song for this moment and situation I’m in. It’s a good starting place to look into My Days With Sound. I can say that for sure.

(Why is it so quiet? I can’t stop wondering.)