8 – 91 – 914
MID: 001445570
PIN:    88888
PCM:  AB1815
MCM:  F94A32
S – Age: 21y/1m
Current Location: Milwaukee

Urgent Notes:
I had to dispatch the child-spirits on Rock Island. Do not send another Mouser this way.

Recent Contacts:
-Ghosts (Resolved)

-Extremely hostile.

Again. Do NOT send another Mouser. Also, $200 to replace my lost “earbuds.”

Psychological Report:  

They just erupted. I came closer to the circle than I did on my last visit…I was just walking around trying to collect more information about my wisp…I didn’t mean to disrupt their game with my presence. They spun faster and faster and erupted into all colors—then red—and there were screams that sounded like infinite whistles. Why did they react in this way? I moved to silence the activity quickly…I didn’t think about it. There were only two children, not three. A boy and a girl.

I know this is why I am here. The big reason why—but I didn’t want to interfere with them. I shouldn’t have approached them at all—I was being careless in how I was searching for…

I just needed to tell someone.