MID: 001445570
PIN: 88888
PCM: AB1813
MCM: F94A28
S-Age: 21y/3m
Current Location: Milwaukee

Urgent Notes:

Recent Contacts:


Psychological Report:


Yes, it has been a while, but I’m not hiding anything or whatever. I would like it if you stopped sending letters inquiring about my health every week now. No news is good news. Trust me.

I hate all this reporting back about everything all the time. What a waste of my time.

After what happened a few months ago, I have mostly been staying around the University and making frequent trips to the library. As you may be aware of, there was an incident that involved the library and a couple of break-ins at my place some weeks back. I am still looking into the matter myself. I hope that the Organization is not sending out agents to make sure I am performing my duties “correctly.” I thought I caught a glimpse the other day of someone who did not seem at all like they were a Surface-dweller. If you are going to have another Mouser in my territory, give me another assignment or send me home. I will not share or be babysat.        

Anyways. I think I should get out more now. I miss traveling to less populated areas of the Surface. The students scattered all around here are mostly totally annoying. I have not interacted with anyone that I do not have to. Besides that incident a couple weeks ago, there is not much happening at Marquette. And, YES, I am doing my other job, my “real” job, looking out for what I need to be looking out for and whatnot. I’ll try to write next month, as scheduled, and let you know about stuff.