MID: 001445549
PIN: 13132
S-Age: 28y/11m
Current Location: Pittsburgh

Urgent Notes:

Recent Contacts:
-Ghoul (unrecorded)


-Spirit (potential)



-Personal message for Tinder Whitely to be broadcast on the Mouser Hour; “I am safe, I hope that you are as well.”

-A copy of the Mouser Confidentiality Agreement

-$50 USD extra each week; Landlord is increasing rent.

Psychological Report:
Dear Dr. Maeda

Things could be better.

As much as I look forward to these small corraspondences[sic], my landlord has unfortunately decided to increase the rent on my apartment room. As such I will require an extra $50 each week to continue my work on the surface.

Nicky Tabot came over yesterday and crashed at my place. He left kind of a mess. I pressed him about what he knew about the recent appearances by the Ghoul of Fairview Fields. He told me that he hadn’t swung by Fairview recently, but his buddy’s girlfriend said her friend has a friend on Meadville and her grandmother had seen the Ghoul in her bed. Nicky described the thing as having white, plastic-y skin with burning red eyes. The thing was gnawing on its left leg, puncturing the skin and bleeding grayish-red blood.

When I asked Nicky the name of his buddy, he said that his name was Andrew Bowerman. I looked up Andrew Bowerman on Facebook and sent him a friend request today. I’m waiting on a response from Andrew before further investigating.

I believe, though am skeptical of course, that the Ghoul is of an Ethereal nature. (I understand that, given the circumstances, the Ghoul may also either be Trans-Dimensional or Metaphysical, but find it extremely unlikely.)

As such, he’s been dimension-hopping, making further study and eventual capture much more difficult. Tomorrow I will be making my way down to Meadville with the Arethal Eyeglass to check for sightings of the Ghoul and, possibly his accompanying Spirit.

As requested, I have been watching my intake of marijuana and my Physical Corruption Metrics have raised down a hint closer to yellow, as you can see. From here on out, I’m avoiding oils and hashes. Dad would be so proud.

I look very forward to writing these reports. They’re extremely theraputic[sic].

Sometimes I just wanna grab Nicky and scream right into his stupid, fat face that the surface is wonderful and magical and he should stop being so Goddamned bored all the time. I want Stacey to get her [expletive] in order and getting us some actual gigs instead of saying she has a lead.

I miss Tinder a lot. There’s a lot I want to tell her. Speaking of…

Requests are posted above, please let me know if any of these are beyond the realm of possibility.