MID: 001445549
PIN: 13132
S-Age: 29y/0m
Current Location: Pittsburgh

Urgent Notes:

Recent Contacts:
-Ghoul (recorded)



-Spirit (unrecorded, but confirmed)


– Second request for extra $50 USD per month along with acknowledgement of fulfilled

– Message relayed to Honeybear; “Thanks for relaying my message”

– Archive of incoming messages, past and present, from Tinder Whitely.

Psychological Report:
Dear Dr. Maeda

It’s me again. Tell Honeybear I said thanks for relaying that message for me on the Mouser Hour. I hope she heard it. If it brought her any joy, that’s great to hear.

You’ll see my Physical Corruption Metrics are healthier, like I said I would make happen and such. I hope this is enough to convince you of my dedication to the Mouser Organization.

My last briefing report through me for a loop, Dr. Maeda, and I don’t know if my other messages went through or not, so I’m going to briefly list out my grievance.

Research on Ghoul/Spirit combos are extremely scant and I’m offended that my ability to research these creatures is being called into question. If I’m not clear, our job as Mousers is as civil servants, men and women who are sent onto the surface world to benefit our world. Nothing could benefit our world like knowledge, and knowledge of these creatures is super important to understanding how best to deal with them.

If this was a Djinn or a Demicolut, then I would understand the hesitance, but I am a competent Mouser with the rare chance to learn the patterns, rituals and dangers of Spirits and Ghouls.

But, Dr. Maeda, your job is not to listen to me vent and [expletive] about your higher ups, I’m sure they give you [expletive] all the time. I’m extremely happy to have received the Mouser Confidentiality Agreement. I got it just in time.

There’s something I’ve got to get off my chest. I’ve been seeing a girl on the side. Her name’s Cheyanne, she’s… well, she’s no Tinder, but I haven’t heard from Tinder in a long time and Cheyanne’s right here. She’s just around and excitable. She smokes way more than I do, but she’s very chill and cool.

Whenever she comes over, I give her a little weed, we sit down for a movie or two and then get a pizza or something. (Pizza and Chinese Food are the only kinds of food delivered on the surface, it’s weird. If you want a burger, you either have to make it or go out for one.) Two nights ago, we finally [expletive] and it was great, but I also hated it.

I kept thinking the whole time that Tinder could just burst in on me and scream at us and then I’d be left completely alone. I think about being alone a lot. Of course Tinder didn’t burst in, but I’m going to be seeing Cheyanne again this Friday. We didn’t celebrate my birthday, which was apparently last week, and she wants to hang out.

I know these reports aren’t therapist sessions, but if you can send me back, [expletive], I don’t know, advice or words of comfort or a firm slap, I’d really appreciate it.


Anyway. I don’t know, if you could tell your superiors I really need that extra fifty. Thanks, Doc.