MID: 001445563
PIN: 16379
Current Location: Los Angeles

Urgent Notes:

Recent Contacts:
-Djinn, alias “Mainyu”.(Resolved and recorded. Subject will be relocated after interview.)

-Mischievous, elusive, and disruptive.

-Unidentified ephemeral manifestation. (Unsubstantiated rumor, pending investigation.)

– Approval for proposed investigative operation in Vatican City. I don’t care how many times this request is denied, I’m going to keep making it. Might as well approve it and let me get on with my work.

– Approval for access to Mouser Dingo’s former living quarters. I am interested in conducting my own investigation of Dingo’s recent behavior. Not that I would ever doubt the Organization’s thoroughness, but what would another pair of eyes hurt?

– Copies of all pertinent materials concerning Mr. Jim, including last known whereabouts and behavior patterns from past escapades. Quite frankly, I’m a little offended that I have not yet been asked to contribute in his apprehension. I can only assume we are less than serious about tracking him down.

Psychological Report:

Dr. Maeda,

I must wonder at the purpose of the requirement of these reports. One would think that the constant monitoring of a Mouser’s psychological state would be redundant. This, of course, assumes that Mousers are given their duties only after they are thoroughly vetted as fit and able. But perhaps recent events have called that into question. Anyway, on we go with this pantomime.

My psychological state is in perfectly adequate condition. I have suffered no ill effects from my encounters, my research, or my fellow Mousers. The djinn I encountered was typical for its kind (I use “typical” loosely). It was masquerading as a homeless human male and using simple illusions to lure unsuspecting Surface dwellers into making bargains. The djinn has been captured and I have mitigated the ill effects surrounding those few Surface dwellers who entered into compacts with the creature. There was some reallocation of and I was required to pose as “crisis management specialist” from one of the local banks, but neither matter proved difficult.

Attached to this report will be my notice opening a new investigation into an, as of now, unidentified ephemeral manifestation. There is an area of forested woodland just to the north of the Surface city of Los Angeles, referred to as Angeles National Forest. There are paved roads on several mountainsides of this forest and a number of my Surface contacts have reported sightings of a “ crying woman”, who appears in the road, soaking wet according to several accounts, and vanishes just as quickly. The greater detail of these sightings is in the attached notice. I am mentioning here because I will be away from my Surface residence for a few days, looking into the matter, in case anyone needs to make contact.

I also insist that my above requests be taken seriously. Regarding the second and third requests, I believe I have pertinent information regarding both cases. A continued lack of response and denial will be treated as defacto approval. ­