8 – 77 – 914
MID:   001445570
PIN:    88888
PCM:  AB1818
MCM: F94A32
S – Age: 21y/1m
Current Location: Milwaukee

Urgent Notes:

Recent Contacts:
-Will-O’-Wisp (Potential)


-Ghosts (Recorded)



Psychological Report:


I have been traveling quite far every week up north to Rock Island. Every other time I visit I catch the hint of activity coming from some light-aired eidolon. This week I finally was able to meet with it in a slight manner. I find a place near the edge of many trees to sit for long spells, trying not to pollute the area with my presence (as much as is possible). I am different here.

Anyways, this Will-O’-Wisp (what it most likely is) is not a threat as I see it.

The three (or maybe just two) souls I found were moving quickly around in a circle…some sort of game? I knew rather instantly they used to be children. I refuse to interfere with such spirits—if you feel obligated to send another Mouser to investigate further, be my guest.

The Surface is loud. The noise pervades every place up here. Rock Island is quiet and that is good. I cannot keep coming out here as often as I currently do. There is nothing here really. I just ache to leave the noise of my new “home” behind me sometimes.

I do enjoy the library at Marquette University though. Surface history is too much for me…how is anyone still alive up here? I am reading “fiction” now. Marquette University is home to “The Lord of the Rings” “original manuscripts.” The handwriting…it’s so small. This fictional tome is quite a hit on the Surface. I should send some copies to the Warren at some point for further investigation.