“I believe the only way to properly describe the song is to say how it makes you feel.”

As a kid I didn’t put much stock into perfect school attendance. It isn’t like I didn’t enjoy it- I did, and I didn’t get the worst grades, they were quite good; but it was what I knew that kept me from those doors so often. I knew there existed lessons which weren’t confined to being learned in rooms reading books and listening to lectures alone. All very helpful, yes, but outside all of that there’s a score of lessons to learn on things for which there exists no textbook accompaniment at all.

Simone White

At an early age I had a fascination with learning, a fascination which has served me well considering I’m now in the position I am. It was always having a want to find new things, which lead to more discoveries, which leads to other worlds of discovery in and of itself. Thus, one things leads to another and we arrive at Simone White. “Genuine Fake,” which would be anything but if it weren’t paradoxical, is a recent yet much welcome find.

I could describe the song by picking apart its basics: its vocals, the instruments, the lyrics, the movements, etc., but I believe the only way to properly describe the song is to say how it makes you feel. In my particular case, how it feels is directly (or indirectly?) related to the Warren. See, I love it here- it feels like home, warmth, family. Despite the ups and downs of recent past, the Warren is what it is, and I imagine always will be. And that’s how Simone White makes me feel with “Genuine Fake” like I’m at home, safe, free to contemplate life, and all the other things you can do when the chaos is put on hold.

So yes, surely a good discovery, if not a necessary one. With the tumult we’ve had I’m most contented to share it with the Warren. Enjoy, s’il vous plaît.