“There’s this kind of sense of…I’m sorry, I can’t ignore how I’m feeling.”

Not a good idea. Not a good idea at all.

With all this talk about the Soostik in the station lately—it’s really been the big topic of conversation—I thought it might be nice to go have a visit. And it came so close, it tricked me, it almost got me.

I thought maybe it had gotten me.

Staraya Derevnya

Okay, deep breath. Let’s talk about the music for a minute here; this is an official report, right? I’ve got to suck it up and be professional, sorry. So, I’ve got a song for you that I dug out of the bottom of an old record crate when I was reorganizing a few weeks ago, it’s called “Hram” by Staraya Derevnya. It’s about…well, to be honest with you, I have no idea what it’s about. It’s really a kind of sensory experience, if you ask me. I wish I could describe it better, I’m really sorry. It’s just a, sort of, sensory…overload. That’s a great word for it, “overload”. And that’s a good thing, in this case, it’s doing what art is supposed to do, it’s affective.

There’s this kind of sense of…I’m sorry, I can’t ignore how I’m feeling. I’m really sorry; the next report will be more professional. I’ve got to learn how to just block stuff out and focus. It’s just that, it was really scary down there at the Soostik.

I was sitting at the water’s edge, and it was really relaxing—up until that point it was really relaxing. Then I saw this miasma, it looked like a green type to me. You know, based on the environment and all. To tell the truth, I have a hard time telling green and red apart, but it was in the Soostik. Since when has there been a red type there? Well, since today, I guess, because it was there.

It moved closer to me, and I had a smile on my face at that point, it’s so rare that a green type comes to say hello. But I got this weird feeling, something deep down must have been telling me to run. It was probably two arm-lengths in front of me when I noticed that the kind of…”smokiness”, of the miasma swirled with kind of a twist to it and I know that green type miasmas have a sort of heavier “smokiness” that sinks, like dry ice fog.

So I turned, and I ran. I heard a kind of howling behind me, like the wind, but angrier. It was just so close.

Deep breath.