“‘Kanni’ by Tal National breathed new life into me just as I was about to cut off that day as a total loss.”

A break in the normal routine is always welcome, whether it or not it becomes cluttered with minor inconveniences. I won’t get into those details, but I’ll tell you one good thing that came of my day. “Kanni” by Tal National breathed new life into me just as I was about to cut off that day as a total loss. Whether it be colleagues, interns, administrators, the infinite deluge of ignorance doesn’t seem to want to abate any time soon. The destructive power of stupidity was mitigated only by ability to multitask and find the perfect solution to the most imperfect situations, propagated by those of a supposed enlightened nature.

Tal National

In accordance with the norm, I’ll come back to the office or study and find some bit of music that will alleviate my unnecessary high level of stress. This time I decided to not come back to the places filled with those who mentally plague me, so I went about the Warren in hopes of something, musical or non, to regain my composure. In one of the more vibrant sections of the city (there aren’t many), I first heard the joyous sounds of “Kanni”, marching boisterously out from the speakers of a cafe. My eyelids perked a little, my blood began to flow a sliver faster, and I felt a resurgence of energy divert itself to my brain.

The host of instruments on “Kanni,” and its unflinchingly positive, life-giving atmosphere smacked me in the face, knocked out my vengeful wrath, and deposited a sense of merriment in me that everyone at my institution should be required to listen to on loudspeaker on a daily basis. Maybe at that point I’ll be at a place where such musical vacations aren’t needed, but I have the tendency to overestimate people’s adherence to reason.