“The first time this song came to me it was like a dream.”

Ahhhhhh, back at it. Just off the last and onto the new, and I don’t give one damn, I’m not tired one bit! All nighters seem to launch me into another day of productivity, then after that, the crash. Well, not necessarily a crash, I’m no workaholic, but merely to recharge my batteries before I jump back into the fray. Well, I guess that kinda makes me one by some standards, eh? But to be honest this is just the most thrilling thing, Warren. And I apologize if my fire’s stirring too intensely, but I’ve so far had a marvelous ride, and so far the reception has been… well I’m not sure yet, it hasn’t been long enough. BUT… since my office hasn’t been stormed I should assume full steam ahead and everyone’s beaming. And that brings us to this week’s steam, “Hiukkasen Tahtiin” by Tomutonttu, a very interesting piece that just had to be sent out to the greater populace.


The first time this song came to me it was like a dream. I had drifted into a lull while a playlist was still being pumped into my brain, and in the midst of regaining my senses “Hiukkasen Tahtiin” was halfway through its duration. I shook off my slumber, sat up, earbuds popping out of my ears, me putting them back in, and then ending up restarting the song anyway since I missed so much trying to hear it all. What I heard was something different, yet familiar. It hit me as a fresh musical number, free of conventional structure and being able to wind its way into your mind’s corridors. Yet, there was something that tugged at nostalgia and brought me back to all the media I consumed when I was younger. It was such an invigorating, wistful time full of discovery and exploration for me, much like this track.

Nevertheless, I quite like how things turned out. The joy I get from the flow of music and cultural dissemination is hardly a grind, it’s an adventure, really, albeit a different one from those when I was a kid, But one must evolve, move and grow, and this tree that’s the Warren just got some fresh water with this track by Tomutonttu.