What Is Mouser?

Mouser is a program that challenges creative writers to build stories collaboratively. The flagship of our program is this website, a kind of re-imagining of a music magazine set in a fictional, subterranean world. The site has been operating in this capacity for over a year, producing nearly 300 pieces of short fiction inspired by music in that time.

This fictional world, from which we write about real music, is constantly changing and evolving. With every post our writers introduce new details to the canon. To give a brief overview, mousers are agents of the Mouser Organization,  an  organization that represents a society of people who built a subterranean utopia many thousands of years ago. That utopia was upset a generation ago when they employed djinn (genies) to help their society flourish even more. But, as we all know, genie wishes  always come with a catch, and what this ultimately lead to was a collapse of their economy.

They have since severed ties with the djinn and have begun to rebuild. Many in the younger generation feel that the problem was not the djinn, but that their elders used their wishes foolishly. A resistance has sprung up, calling itself the Association for the Liberation of the 915th Reset, or AL15R, and wishes to employ the djinn once more. In Season One this tension came to a head as the AL15R chased after a djinn named (cleverly) Mr. Jim, leading to abductions, torture, and a terrorist bombing—the first such act in the history of their society. Season Two has begun, with Mr. Jim safely contained by the Mouser Organization, and the bomber dead. But the leader of the AL15R, Grayman Chau, is still at large, so the threat still looms.

Mouser Candidate Ekine wrote a series on the origin of the Mouser Organization that can bee seen here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Who Are We?

If you would like to share your music with us, please send links to streaming audio or video to: