Strikes against the ears, the reverberations of the music pulse outward in waves, which envelopes the inner reaches of the human soul. This kind of effect can either be positive or negative for the listener–in this instance it is neither. It doesn’t inundate you with evil, but it doesn’t tickle your ears, either. It simply seems to… fit. I can’t say for sure whether or not this is because of how I feel, the inherent nature of this music, or a mixture of both.


The origin of this phenomenon is Xasthur’s “Released From This Earth.” It’s neutralizing, and your outer thoughts evaporate, which brings you face to face with you: who you are, where you are, and how you are. So when someones asks the proverbial “How’s it going?” The question can actually be answered. Half the time people lie, and the other half of the time people simply don’t know. It’s not like I don’t believe people when they say they’re good, but do people generally even know how they really are? My modest opinion says they don’t, and that is why we have Xasthur. Ominous, ethereal vocals by Marissa Nadler are interlaid in the piece to bewitch the listener and carry them off into the night towards a nameless destination. Wherever it takes you, it doesn’t matter, just quietly allow it. This seems contradictory, as it both pulls one closer to themselves and flies them off at the same time. My assurances, however, as it all makes sense once the song is experienced.

In terms of myself, you can simply refer to my description of the music I have chosen to share. Why is it that the people you don’t want to associate with are the ones that are always around, sucking your energy, while the ones that are actually worth it are the ones you see the least? It’s fucking unbalanced, and I hate it. It’s inefficient for life, and could be detrimental to those who are fluttering souls at the mercy of the wind, who have only recently began to even feel anything. Dammit. It strikes against the raw skin, inducing blood to hemorrhage. In essence, I’m an absolute fool.